Quality Galician Product.

Products of the Field and "Rías Baixas" elaborated yet the affection for a product of Maxima quality.


Welcome to the page of Lugar da Santinha, Galician company specialized in delicatessen and products of our fields with the best quality.

Our primary target consists of which all the offered products arrive at your table with the quality that you demand; for it, we counts on the dedication and professionalism of his human equipment.

Specialized in Delicatessen, Entrants, Paellas, Vegetables, Fish, Meats, Rice and other assortment that products that will make them prevail in the table.


By the hand of our chef: Paco Feixó

  Our Chef

To say “Paco Feixó”, that is to say, work handmade, artisan and following the canons of traditional prescriptions of our earth, GALICIA.The ingredients that are used in the elaboration process are, fresh products, fish or seeding in our fields of the “Valley of ULLA UMIA”, and in our bays.All of them just collected and fished to be dealt with the most modern technology, and the hands of people sensitized to such aim, experts in the field of the elaboration and transformation of the food raw materials of high quality.

Our suppliers are the markets of the region, through the Farmers of the Region for products of the Field, and the Markets of Valleys Arousa, Vigo and Pontevedra for Products of the Sea.In summary, my objective and intention and also the one of my people, is to carry out a selection of the best thing of the Sea and the Field of Galicia and to make them arrive at all those that feel desire to give products of Quality of Galicia.



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