Hand-made product 100% natural.

Our premise:

Products of quality with the best ingredients of our earth, presented in its maxim freshness.

Our Company

Lugar da Santiña, S.L. has like main activity the plate elaboration of 5th range, based on a well-taken care of selection of all the raw materials and the use of the lastest technology in the elaboration of such. Also, and to obtain that the plate arrives at the final consumer in the best conditions, we made the embasado one of he himself by means of protective atmosphere, which allows us to do without the use of aggressive techniques with the product like conservants, additives, pasteurization, etc.

In Lugar da Santiña we worried about the quality of our products, and all our process of elaboration is certified by SGS.

Certificate BRC – Storage and Distribution
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Certificación ISO 9001:200 – Products Quality 9001.
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Certifiación ImplantaCertification Implantation APPCC
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